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Enonautica Mother Morgana Enonautica

Mother Morgana präsentiert:

Piano and Synthesizer - Katharina Franz
Guitar - Fabian Gössler
Bass - Michael Ambroschütz
Drums - Martin Furian

Written and Produced by Mother Morgana
Recording and Mixing @ Void&Wiesn Studio by Fabian Gössler
Mastering @ Mastered by DK by Dario Köstinger
Cover Art by Denika Denkmair

Texts written by Jakob Mayer

  • Veröffentlichung: 19. Juli 2019
  • Label: DIY
  • Mixed: Void&Wiesn Studio by Fabian Gössler
  • Mastered: DK by Dario Köstinger
Mother Morgana

When I last checked the main antenna,
I noticed some extremely disturbing
Guitar licks from behind the Orion Nebula
A voice and keyboard diving up in harmony from a boiling blue ocean
A bassline bouncing and jumping
on the pillars of reality and a
mighty beat that warps steadily
through matter and time..
Where do this frequencies originate from? And why can I analyze them, but not understand. Even more so: Why can't I silence them?...

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