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updated 1:26 PM CET, Nov 12, 2019

Brian Air

Brian Air High Brian Brian Air

"Brian Air" is the latest stroke of genius, which hit the psychedelic rock band "High Brian" in 2019. It is their to-be-released concept album and the only airline you should be flying with from now on! Cpt. Zepp and his crew will make sure to provide you with partly heavy, partly trippy and partly labyrinthine songs and light refreshments along the way. The band is ready for a new trip and happy to take you along. But be careful, as they warn you: "Brian Air – not the safer, but the higher way to fly!"

The Crew:
Paul Berghold: Drums
Benedikt Brands: Guitar, Vox
Nils Meyer-Kahlen: Guitar
Patrick Windischbauer: Bass, Vox

Synthesizers, Organs, Percussion,
(Reverse) Pianos, Choirs by Brian
Announcements by Cpt. Zepp

Recorded and Mixed by Tom Zwanzger & High Brian
at Stress Studio 2018
Mastered by Robert Neubauer at Robotonstudio

Photography by Nuša Košar
Logo Design & Layout by Irrwisch

Special thanks to StoneFree, Shippo M. and Jet Fly

We do not support commercial airtravel

  • Veröffentlichung: 16. März 2019
  • Label: Stonefree Records
  • Mixed: by Tom Zwanzger at STRESS Studios and High Brian
  • Mastered: by Robert Neubauer at Robotonstudio
High Brian

Tasty Psychedelic Rock from Graz!

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