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updated 10:10 AM CEST, Jun 23, 2019

Wrench (LP)

Cover Art Johannes Staudenbauer, Leafhouse Collective Cover Art

After releasing a couple of tapes and 7“es, the 5-piece based in Vienna/Graz is finally ready to release their first LP, called Wrench.
Their dynamic sound is characterized by pounding drums and a roaring bass which beautifully harmonizes with their three guitar players who create a magical soundscape that covers almost anything, from reverb driven psychedelic rock to noisy, fuzzy and even ambient tunes.

„The intention behind the record was to sound raw and authentic, basically we wanted it to be as close as possible to our live set.“ #WYSIWYG
released September 19, 2016



  • Veröffentlichung: 28.Oktober 2016
  • Label: Numavi Records
  • Mixed: Wolfgang Möstl, Sgt. Raufbolds Kommandozentrale, Vienna
  • Mastered: Alexandr Vatagin
Dead End Friends

"Om dat de werelt is soe ongetru / Daer om gha ic in den ru"

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