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updated 10:59 AM, May 25, 2020 Europe/Berlin

This Is Revenge (CD)

Drums recorded by Stefan Kaschel at AudioRiotRecordings, all other stuff recorded by ourselves. Mixed and mastered by Stefan Kaschel at AudioRiotRecordings.

All songs written by Flavi and Dadu, except Berserk Prayer: Patrick, Flavi, Alex. All lyrics by Dadu.

All songs performed by KLYNT, with some feist help by our friendos on the groupshouts - you know who you are!

Cover art by Ann Hetmanchuk. Photography by Goletz/Artefvkkt.

This E.P. shall be the axe wielded against those, who put their ego over metal. Yet there is time for some lovin:

Goletz, Kaschi, Lexi, Tom (tall guy), Stephan “Rosencock” Rosenzopf, Rene Müller, Jakob Hörtner, Artefvkkt dudes, the fine folks of Wakuum, When In Sodom, Tick-Tack and everybody else who celebrates the metal and is not a total prick about it ... Hold the line!

Shoutout to our brothers in arms in Aequinox, Doomed to Fail, Horizonist, Insane and Lehm

Special thanks to Flavi for playing so well.

We are back, stronger than ever.



Funded with support by SKE Fonds:


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  • Veröffentlichung: 5.Juni 2019
  • Label: DIY
  • Mixed: by Stefan Kaschel at AudioRiotRecordings
  • Mastered: by Stefan Kaschel at AudioRiotRecordings