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Lebensnehmer Lebensnehmer Ellende


Taking two years of songwriting the third full length and fifth release „Lebensnehmer“ will be released on 29. march 2019. Featuring Ellendes live musician P.F. on drums mastermind L.G. has brought out 8 tracks and one bonustrack on limited sound carriers, and again, with an artwork done by himself which will be released by AOP Records:

„I am truly grateful how this record turned out. As the title already implies Lebensnehmer (life taker) has a very strong connotation airing about two years after its sister album Todbringer (death bringer). Going through rough times it fullfills me with a sense of well-being another selection of music has made it to this full-length resulting in deep anger, melancholy and beauty. "

L.G. - songwriting, lyrics, studioinstruments, ambience, vocals, artworks
P.F. - studiodrums

promopicture by: Teratogen and Dr. Winter
artwork and designs by: L.G. inspired by Hans Larwin († 1938, Vienna)

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