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Love is a mental disease

Some Species of Fish

ALBUM OUT NOW! - Superman Ecstasy

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This is track #9 on our debut album Superman Ecstasy: Love is a mental disease.
Album available online and at all our shows.

DOP/Editing: Valentin Bürgschendtner
Concept: Kajetan Enge
Equipment: and

The Fish are: Armin Sauseng, Kajetan Enge, Johannes Brantner and Freddie Lukas.


Big shout out to the dancing fish: Eli, Irene, Miriam, Lea, Kathi, Clara, Abelina, Monika, Hannah, Lena & Lotte. Thank you so much!!!

Thank you also to Renate Kasper and her team for letting us record the video in this fabulous location.

One floor was harmed during the making of this video.

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