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Rip the Street

Beggars STreet Inn - Rip the STreet
Veröffentlicht am 12.05.2013

Beggars Street Inn
Video shot during the Recording Sessions in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Ventura.
Recorded and Mixed by Ghian Wright.

Beggars Street Inn

Rock ’n Roll is here to stay!!

Screaming guitars and in-your-face vocals hit you like a ripping Western breeze, and in the next moment wipe a tear from your eyes.
BEGGARS STREET INN are ultimate proof that what’s said to be dead is alive and kicking.
A classic attitude, matured like fine wine, is just the starting point. Add 30 years of Rock History, and you end up in the foursome’s storm-swept garage.
Founded in Boston , MA , Beggars Street Inn was nurtured from the one true authentic Rock’nRoll cocktail, bursting onto the American music scene to release their first CD, “MONEY FOR THE DEAD”.
Now they are back with their new disc, “PROBABLY THE BEST RECORD IN THE WORLD”.


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