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updated 5:57 PM, Jun 22, 2020 Europe/Berlin



Song: México
Album: This Shit Is Golden


All Songs written & performed by SURICATES

Produced, recorded & mixed at S.T.R.E.S.S. Studio

Mastered at Scheer Audio Mastering

Camera, directed & edited by Marie Pfeiffer



Oh honey, wear off your disguise,
I found your big black book of little white lies
everyday of your life just a big charade
would you part from it cherie

Stuck up, going to the same old home
everyday, working hard to pay up your loans
‚till you’re 35,
and you haven’t lived a day in your life, so come on, get down

Would you compromise
though we don’t know who lies
we could share some blow
and make our way down low to
México, would you cry
if you saw free skies
I know we’d get by and
High, high

We both know, you’re a class A bitch,
front row from the first day of school, a snitch,
you would never smoke, for you can’t make sense
of every fool, who’s ignorant to

the power of the lord above, you’d like to be
bathed, caressed, showered in his love, ‚cause
your man can’t give you what you need, now you’re
praying your life away, mmm, a little

weed could help to mellow you out,
though myself I have my doubts about what we would
need to get your stuck up ass unwound
I don’t think this drug has yet been found

come on, don’t hesitate, I know
we gotta get fucking high before we get down low
ohh mama, I don’t care how you look,
with that brown hair, white nose I’m hooked


(c) SURICATES | 2020


Gönnt man seinen Ohren eines ihrer Rock-Schmankerl, wird schnell klar, weshalb sich die inzwischen fünfköpfige Rockband aus Oberwart/Graz/Wien nach den frechen Erdmännchen benannt hat. Mit treibendem, erdigem Sound und mit Metaphern beladenen Texten bespielen die Suricates seit 2010 die österreichische Bühnenlandschaft um mit ihrem kommenden Debutalbum dieses Frühjahr zu zeigen, dass das Seil, das Bands wie Led Zeppelin, Graveyard, Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age und Rival Sons verbindet, mindestens so dick ist wie die Bassdrum von John Bonham! Der Rock'n'Roll führt Regie in ihren Herzen und diese Flamme lassen sie sowohl auf der Bühne als auch privat auflodern.


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