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updated 1:26 PM CET, Nov 12, 2019


Edicius' Dream

Taken from the upcoming album Vanescent.
Recorded, mixed & mastered by
Stefan Kaschel (AudioRiotRecording)
Filmed by Florian Kolaritsch

We want to thank Kurt Haid for making this video possible, as well to everyone else involved. Filmed at the Nachtexpress Graz
Time is rushing past me
but my thoughts are stuck in the past.
I know I have to move on
but this world moves way to fast.

Still sometimes I can feel you,
then I close my eyes to see you.
You appear to me
and seem to say:

Come with me and we will
celebrate this moment of eternity.
Let's escape this world
through our memories,
to find a place -
where our hearts may heal,
before we're falling apart

Everytime it's coming up
I try to swallow it again
So it won't come down on me
'Cause still sometimes...

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Edicius Dream

Modern Melodic Death Metal
from Graz - Austria

Edicius' Dream is a balanced mix of modern metal riffs, punchy rhythm and elements of modern styled classical music.

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