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updated 2:49 PM CET, Dec 13, 2019


Am 30.05.2019 veröffentlicht


Video & Song Recorded by Music Incubator International ( )
Video Editing by Hannes Lattacher
Song Mixed & Mastered by Tom Brugger @ Rockstudio ( )



Verse I:
The morning sun illuminates
a face I’ve seen so many times.
But now it seems your lineaments
are leading me towards a false reality.

And I know for sure
that every time you turn around

I see a new face that I can’t recall.
I see a new face that I oh I oh I I oh I can't recall.

I wanna break out of this deadlock.
The air’s thin. I’m breathing heavily.

Verse II:
Countless streams of thoughts appear;
I find myself in a state of despair.
I should have been a better judge
but now I can see your nature clear as day.



Fennez Marson

Funkrock / Alternative / Rock

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