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updated 8:41 AM CEST, Aug 7, 2019


Am 23.12.2018 veröffentlicht

The 1st single of Kolinsky Konspiracy´s EP "K2".

Mastered by Peter Habbé
Shot on locations in Vienna and Graz, Austria.
© 2018 NON GRATA
all rights reserved

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Kolinsky Konspiracy

A L O N E A journey through the mind of a human being who tends to be melancholic and lonesome, but always believes that there's more. Something to keep on going. Although we are alone, we are all connected. We all have similar desires, wishes & fears. Ambivalence is our best friend - on the one hand we want to be accepted, on the other we run away from every obstacle. Getting lost & getting found… Detached from morality, we meet Kolinsky Konspiracy transcending beyond Good and Evil. No questions are being directed at the recipients, no absolute truths postulated. What we find is merely the result of a symbiosis between being and nothingness, which manifests itself in the infinite sphere of human consciousness. Represented by two individuals who restlessly oscillate between realities, “Alone” leads us to the end of the beginning embracing influences from various directions of creativity. No categorisations are stipulated, since it is, what it is. And what it is, is up to you. Where we come from and where to we aspire is irrelevant, as long as we know that the perception of here and now is the most essential factor when it comes to our soul’s happiness. Kolinsky Konspirancy has cast off the fear of the unknown and is embarking on a journey that leads us to a place where questions no longer exist and where we break through the unconsciousness in order to finally align ourselves with the infinity of our being.


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