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updated 8:47 PM, Dec 2, 2020 Europe/Berlin

Right Now Here On Earth


and right now here on earth right now here this time you look at yourself and wonder why the good things never come and if they do they'll go back to a place so far from you the good things never stay the good things only pass while you try to hold on to what just can't last it leaves you paralyzed with only one thought in your head was it chance or fate that made it this bad? and right now here on earth right now here this time the vast majority laughs while you are crying it this really happening is this really what it seems or is it just one in a dozen realities either way there's only one and there's no escaping it you're caught in this frame of piss and shit
(all words and music by Michael Pettenhofer)
I Love Milk

Mit Cello und Gitarre und Klavier und Mandoline und Ukulele und Melodika und Geschrei beschallen Momo und Migu den Raum. Inhaltlich geht es gut und gerne mal um die universitäre Bürokratie, Game Boys, fischessende Vegetarier, die Liebe zu Bilderbüchern und um die Liebe sowieso.

Let them eat strings.

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