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updated 6:32 AM CEST, Apr 19, 2019


Dear everybody, I am Lauringer and I play Road Pop. Life to me feels much like a very chaotic road trip without a concrete destination, an endless sequence of making the wrong turns just to end up at the rightest of places. And on this journey, I am having all the deep thoughts about life and making memories out of moments, welcoming everybody on board to join the trip. This is what I try to process in my music. I am letting the emotions drive the van. I like the idea of showing that we’re all on the same road after all, with all our hopes and insecurities and failures and successes. I do not like to make decisions and much prefer to let things happen. This is why you will not find me focusing on a specific style, it’s much more the song choosing its sound. So I really like to just balance between flaky pop tracks, melancholic country-folk or whatever I am coming up with next. If the result is something you’d love to hear on a car ride with your friends through a dry desert or the shiny city lights of your hometown, then all my wishes came true.

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