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Leons Massacre

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Leons Massacre

LEONS MASSACRE is the name of Austria’s hardcore avant-gard

e and certainly one of the weirdest combos Europe has to offer!

And yet the quintet from Styria doesn’t like to be pegged as fitting any genre: “We simply do, what we like”, is the band’s motto. LEONS MASSACRE stand for a versatile mix of hardcore and nu-metal elements and for a dynamic sound, combining rough shouts and growls, rap parts and catchy clear vocal-refrains with heavy mosh parts – all of it backed up with a full dose of thundering beats and some massive guitar riffing. Diligently touring all over Austria, Germany and the neighboring countries, the guys have long since earned their reputation as a badass live act and have already shared the stage with bands like Architects, Madball, Liferuiner, The Greenriver Burial or All Faces Down.

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