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In Money We Trust

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Fairtrade Floyd, die steirische Band aus dem Hinterwald, mit ihrem Musikvideo zu ihrer aktuellen EP "In Money we Trust". Man beachte das Spiel auf dem einsaitigen "Diddley Bow"....

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*** Lyrics: ***

yeah the times are a changin‘
but it is always the same
i saw all different leaders
but they are playing a game
when i feel a bit hungry
while there‘s so much to eat
i saw them starving
for the money machine 
yeah for the money machine
come a little bit closer
i‘m gonna tell you the truth 
its not all, what it seems, though
don‘t have to follow their rules
now the times are over
for your greed and your lust
otherwise we will wake up
oh lord in money we trust
oh lord in money we trust

*** Credits: ***

Song: In Money We Trust
Written by: Fairtrade Floyd
Produced by: Martin Maier ( & Fairtrade Floyd
Video by: Fairtrade Floyd
Special Thanks to: DaegsDesigns & Moe Astatic
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Fairtrade Floyd

Fairtrade Floyd is Heavy-Rock the way it meant to be: Raw & Dirty.

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