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No Boredom

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From the record "Graben" (2017) Release: June 30, 2017


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Label: Wohnzimmer Records

Director/Editor: Florian Leitl,

Cinematographer: Florian Leitl

Produced by Bernd Heinrauch and Hidden by the Grapes. Recorded and Mixed by Bernd Heinrauch, Schwarzau 2016.

Mastered by Pete Maher, London 2017.

Hidden by the Grapes are Christian Steiner, Richard Kahlbacher and Bernhard Jammerbund

Special thanks to Matti Kruse of Lambda (

Hidden By The Grapes

However, Hidden By The Grapes remain true to their style, and the following quote from “Heavy Pop” from 2012 still is the coreline of the band’s description: “Imagine if Dinosaur Jr. had tamed their guitar madness and instead discovered a collective lack of restraint like Sonic Youth, Steve Albini and Swans”. However, this lack of restraint never sounded so fine. With its unexpected twists and turns and heavy dynamics, Graben is a magnificent combination of intensity and catchiness.

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